Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke

Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke

Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke, It’s the dream or wish of every person that his or her life should grow with leaps and bounds. The most important part of living is health, wealth and Peace. The more you have peace the happier you will be. Sometimes it is seen that no matter how good a person is yet he is victimised of some black magic or negative spell by the person who is either jealous of him or doesn’t feel good by his success.

Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke
Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke

The person tries everything that comes to its wisdom but the problem ceases to end. In that case the person can use Vashikaran technique to remove the problems coming in the way to the success of the business. Vashikaran is the most successful and effective way to attract not only people but also the things at large. With the help of vashikaran you can create such energies or vibrations around you that can protect you from people’s evil eye and negative Vashikaran also helps to restore the relationship and strengthens the relationship with the family and friends.

The effect of vashikaran is such that whoever a person comes in contact with you for receives a good impression about you and is influenced by you to make decisions in your favor. There are many ways that you can perform vashikaran on anyone You make use of things like the things that are in common use in our daily life. Things like green cardamom, cloves, turmeric, salt coconut etc. Among all these items I am going to discuss precisely about Loung (Cloves) that you can use as vashikaran totkey.

There are many vashikaran properties in loung. If any vashikaran is performed using loung then you can get very good results which are effective in nature. However, the person should be well aware of the ways to use it. This is especially useful for the people who are fed up with their wife and want to harmonise their relationship with them. But if a married person is using it to attract any otherwomen in his life then it will cause lots of harm to them.

Laung vashikaran mantra

As we talked about the potential properties of loung used for vashikaran techniques, lets also discuss about the very famous “Shabar Vashikaran mantra” which is use to do vashikaran by loung.

“aaum Jaal keeeeeeee yoogini, Paaaatirul kaaaa naaaam

Jispeeeey Bheeeejun, Tispeeeey laag

Sooteeeey such naaaa baaitheeeey such

Fir fir deeeekheeeey humaaraa much

Meeeeri baandheeeeeeee joo chooooteeeey

Too baabaa Naahaarsingh keeeeeeee jaataa chooooteeeey”


Now take four pieces of cloves and rub it on any leaf. Then place it in between or behind your teethand dip into any water body such as pond, river or lake. Chant this mantra for seven or more than seven times as per your capacity. After taking it out from the water place these loung carefully down and worship it with incense sticks and dhoop. Once the worship has been done give them to the desired person to eat and that’s how you will make that person yours forever.

laung ke upyog/upay/benefits

If you are deeply in love with someone and the person goes away leaving you behind. This departure is making you depressed then you can use the effective totka using loung. The benefit of this upay is that you can influence the mind of any person inside or outside the family like: son, daughter, lover, brother or any relative. If you want to get rid of any relative who is constantly creating problems in your life,then the vashikaran by loung can give you good results in sending those relatives out of your life.

It can also help you getting job and can give you miraculous results in your professional life.  In the Shukla paksh choose any Sunday and take 4 loungs and touch it on that part of your body where you sweat the most, then make a powder of it mix it with tea or any drink and offer to the person whom you want to cast the vashikaran spell. You will quickly get to see the results.

The other benefits of usage of loung are the following:

  1. It helps in curing toothache, use the loung oil with the help of cotton and apply on the area where it is paining.
  1. If you are having ear pain, then soak some oil in the cotton and put few drops inside the ear the pain will get subsided
  2. If you are having pimples on your face, then mix mulatni mitti with aloe vara gel and loung tel and apply it on your face you will certainly see the difference.
  3. If you are feeling very tired, then take few drops of loung tel and mix it with olive oil and apply it on your forehead you will feel very relaxed and the headache will disappear in no time.
  4. If you are suffering from cold and cough, then on a sugar sweet put one drop of loung tel and eat it
  5. If your stomach is upset then mix few drops of clove oil with warm water and keep sipping it. The pain will subside.
  6. For pregnant ladies if they are suffering from giddiness then put few drops of loung tel on the handkerchief and keep smelling it. It will make the person feel lighter
  7. Any skin related problems can be cure by Loung tel
  8. It is also effective for frequent hiccups. For that mix one drop of loung tel in water and drink it.

Laung se pati ka vashikaran

If there is a difference of opinion between a husband and a wife, then on a Saturday midnight take 7 pieces of loung and take the name of your husband and blow air over it for almost 21 times and next Sunday morning burn it in the fire. Keep doing it for seven days. This method can be used on anyone whom you want to do the vashikaran.

Aankhon Se Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Karna

Aankhon Se Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Karna

Aankhon Se Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Karna, Vashikaran is a spiritual science that can fulfil all your desires and wishes. If you want to bond with someone or bring anyone under your influence then you can use the technique of vashikaran.  Vashikaran is an ancient act that people had been performing since old times. There are many ways of doing vashikaran. You can use somebody’s hair, clothes or even the person’s nail to perform vashikaran.

Aankhon Se Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Karna
Aankhon Se Vashikaran Mantra Prayog Karna

Here I am going to discuss the importance of vashikaran through eyes. Aankhon se vashikaran is the most effective.  But you have be careful about the reason that you will be using this technique. As it is  awfully powerful and its effect cannot be reversed once done. There has been number of cases where the vashikaran technique has been successful . It has the capacity to make a person very lucky all his or her life if done properly.

Vashikaran mantra by eye contact

In life you come across many kind of people but only few of them makes a place in your heart. That person become the focal point of your life and all your desires moves around that one person. Things go well when the person is also sharing your emotions in the same way as you do. However sometimes the other person fails to understand your feelings or overlooks your feeling. In this case you can use the Vashikaran mantra by eye contact. Your eyes are the most power part of your body.

It  is the first most attractive thing on your face that a person notices. A person ‘eyes can tall a lot about his or her character. So if you use  the vashikaran mantra through your eyes then it will create a lasting impression on the person. You can use this to attract anyone like your beloved, husband or wife , business partner or even your boss.

You have to chant the mantra given below but before that you have to choose a day and time to perform this.  Days like Diwali or Holi night are considered very auspicious. You have to cut the castor oil plant in one stroke and burn in into the fire. Once it turns into ash collect it and mix it with pure butter. As it becomes paste like then apply it in the eyes of your beloved. You have to  energise this paste or kaja for 21 times by chanting the vashikaran mantra.


“aaum Naamo kaalaa Maairoom kaaaali raaaat, kaalaa chaalaa aaaadhi raaaat Kaalaa rey tu meraa ver, pernaaaari tey raaaahey ser Veygeem jaaaa chaaaati dhaarlyaaaav, suti hoyaae tom jaagaaey lyaaaav Shaabd saanchaa pind kaaaachaa, phuro maantraa Ishwaaro vaaaachaa.”

Aankhon se vashikaran prayog karna

Some people you must have noticed has very attractive eyes. They generally decorate their eyes with heavy kaajal to increase the effect. They have a habit of looking straight into your eyes while talking. Their sights gives a very different feel. They try to look into your eyes deliberately. This can be one of the ways to do vashikaran by your eyes. You too can use this vashikaran technique to attract some one into your life or even try this method to get your lost love back. If your husband does not give you enough time or if you feel the absence of love in your married life then you can you can also perform vashikaran through your eyes on your husband. You will see the result really fast and long lasting.

Eye vashikaran mantra

“Naamaahh Paadyaani

aanjaan meraa naaaam

Iss naagri mey baaith ker mohun saaaagraaaa gaaaam

Raaaak kertaa Raazaaaa mohun

Faarsh pey baaithaaaa baaniyaaaa mohun

Mohun paanighaat ki paanihaaaar

Iss naagaar ki chaattis mohun paavaan byaaaar

Jo koi maaaar maaaar kertaa aaaawey

Taaaahee nersingh veer baayaaaam paag key aangoothaa

Taaley dhaar gaaer aaaawey

Maari bhaakti guru ki shaalti

Phuro maantraa Ishwaarowaachaa”


Keep chanting the above mantra and pluck a branch of apamaarg plant and wrap it around a cotton and light a Deepak on it. Now collect the soot and continue chanting tha mantra as long as you have collected enough soot.. Store the soot in a small box and keep it aside . Whenever you require apply the soot as kaajal on our eyes and  chant the mantra for 7 times. This process has the capacity to chant the whole society at large.

Aankhon Se Vashikaran Mantra Ka Upyog Karna

You can use vashikaran through your eyes not on the people who are trying to harm you but you can also use it on your family members who are jealous of you.In many instances the vashikaran through eyes targetas the other person’s eyes and as a result the person gets hypnotised easily You can use vashikaran mantra to solve all your personal and professional problem, however it is mainly used to attract people and influence their mind set in your favour. If you are insecure about your partner than you can perform vashikaran on him or her and they will never go and leave you.

The gift of vashikaran that our rich vedas and other spiritual science has offered should never be used for negative purposes. You should only perform these activities when you are well aware of the consequences of it.Like I said that any vashikaran done has its long lasting effects and its result cannot be reversed. So ask yourself first that how intensely you want your desire to get fulfilled.

If it is about a person then ask yourself that how passionately you want that person in your life. Is he or she deserves you enough. If after doing vashikaran on a wrong person you will have to face the serious consequences as its effect cannot be reversed and you will be forced to put up with that person who might ruin your life. Do refer to experts or astrologers before initiating any vashikaran. They will guide you and also help you decide whether you are doing for the right or wrong person.

Shabar Mantra Siddhi Sadhana

Shabar Mantra Siddhi Sadhana

Shabar Mantra Siddhi Sadhana, When you love someone, you extend your emotional self to the other person and expect the same in return. This emotion within you develops a personal attachment and strong attraction for the other person. Love creates different feelings, attitudes and states. These may include interpersonal affection, as you love your mother and pleasure, as you love eating some things. But, it is most exciting, thrilling and rather exhilarating, when you love someone of opposite sex, with a romantic feeling. It is un-expressible and uncontrollable. You are then urged to extend your physical self to him or her. When you fail to do that, you get mentally tortured and disturbed. It is here that you need the shabar vashikaran mantra for love. By vashikaran, you bring the mental and psychological activities of someone, under your control. Mantra is a culmination of words and phrases, with paranormal power.

Shabar Mantra Siddhi Sadhana
Shabar Mantra Siddhi Sadhana

You may be wondering; why a paranormal power to get love. It is because; it involves one’s care and identification with another person. Going by the Biological models of sex, you can view love as a mammalian drive, just as urges for hunger or thrust. You can experience love in three stages; attraction, lust and attachment. The feeling of lust drives you towards sexual desire. The romantic attraction depends upon what makes your love partner to be attracted towards you. Your personal effect can’t make this to happen. Therefore, you need shabar vashikaran mantra for love. You can interpret lust as the initial sexual desire that can be aroused by shabar vashikaran totke. Similarly, you can interpret attraction as the individual romantic desire for mating with someone. The shabar vashikaran mantra for love can control the desire, passion and physical activities of your love partner.

When you fall in love, your brain releases chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and neurotransmitter hormones. These chemicals make you restless until you satisfy your erotic desires. The ‘pleasure center’ in your brain stimulates your emotional physical self. You will then be subjected to increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep. These in turn, affect your physical activities. You want your love partner to be attracted to you and yielding to your wishes and desire. T he best option for you is to go in for shabar vashikaran mantra for love. It will drive away all obstacles coming in your way of love, totally. In order to amplify the effect, you can practice vashikaran shabar mantra by guru gorakhnath. This mantra is supported by tantric practice, esoteric techniques and rituals, supplemented by hath Yoga. You get miraculous effects if you resort to vashikaran shabar mantra by guru goraknath.

Why love-seekers rely so much on vashikaran shabar mantra by guru gorakhnath? Guru Gorakhnath was the disciple of Guru Matsyesndranath. He was a spiritual teacher and the founder of a popular Indian religious movement, the Nathas. This movement was a combination of Shaivism (Lord Shiva), Buddhism and Hatha Yoga. Guru Gorakhnath founded the Kanphata Yoga, religious ascetics that stresses on Hath Yoga. Instances are there that, with Hath Yoga, a person can walk on water, an unbelievable feat. Similarly, the vashikaran mantra by guru gorakhnath can bring unbelievable outcomes in the matter of love, lust, attraction and enchantment. His contemporary kings became his disciples, accepting him as the incarnation of Lord Shiva Legend goes that he could enter into other physical bodies. Therefore, the vashikaran shabar mantra by guru goraknath has the power of controlling the emotional and physical selves of your love partner..

Shabar Mantra Siddhi Sadhana

The disciples of guru gorakhnath have been carrying his teachings for generations. Those who undertake deep sadhana for long years with total dedication, acquire siddhi or perfection on Guru Garakhnath’s teachings. Such people are very rare. If you intend to avail the benefits of vashikaran shabar mantra by guru gorakhnath, search well for finding the guru. You can also get shabar vashikaran mantra for love and shabar vashikaran totke from the same source. The non-response of your love partner may be due to magic spell or an evil spirit impacting her emotional self. In such case, the vashikaran shabar mantra by guru gorekhanat will remove the effects of negative energies. It will bring back romantic spirit in the minds of your love partner. You will then be enabled to satisfy the ‘pleasure center’ of your brain.

When you are reciting or even listening to any mantra, you are consciously or unconsciously performing a spiritual practice. Your spiritual being takes you to a higher state of consciousness. Your emotional being and subconscious desires will penetrate into the emotional being of your love partner. This is how the vashikaran works. You bring his or her emotional being under your control. She or he will now act, in whatever way you desire and direct. No evil spirit or magic spell will work if you resort to shabar vashikaran mantra for love. The following is a shabar mantra jap

Oum! Namoh Adesh Guru Ka

Sindoor ki mayaa

Sindoor naam teri patti

Kamakhshya seer par teri utpatti

Sindoor padhi mein lagaun bindi

Bash amuk ho ke rahe nirbuddhi

Mahadev ki shakti

Guru ki bhakti

Na bashi ho to kaamroo kamqakhshya ki duhai

Aadesh haadi daasi chandi ka

Amuk ka man laao nikaal

Nahin to mahadev pita kaa baam pads jaye lag

Aadesh! Aadesh! Aadesh!

The above is one of the many shabar vashikaran mantras for love. There are customized mantras suiting to the person and circumstances. You have to practice the mantras, under the strict guidance of an accomplished guru. When you practice shabar vashikaran totke, you will be spiritually enabled to overcome all adversities of your life. These may be troubling you in the shape of love relationship, spouse relationship, enmity relationship, professional problems and family problems.

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay, Today, we see a lot of married relationships which are not healthy and strong. We see so many wives who are not happy with the behaviour of their husband towards them. There are women who are ready to anything for bringing their marriage back on track. They are also ready to do anything for controlling their partner and getting their love. Since pati vashkaran upay is not easily adopted, women force themselves to use these tips, to get their husband’s respect. When you are constantly facing troubles in your marriage, it is better to take the problem out of roots. Pati vashkaran upay can favorably help you to solve the love problems with your life partner.


Pati vashkaran upay is also used by women who want to control and rule their husband. They want to hold the grip on their husband’s mind and solve the problems quickly. You must do pati vashkaran upay with mantras and totke, which are beneficial. You have to devote yourself completely to the procedure of pati vashkaran upay and only then, you will be successful in this. There are so many effective tips that can help you in this. Look at the following:

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay

This is in use from long time back. Women who see no other way to get the love of their husband, start using the vashikaran mantra for love. Using Pati vashikaran mantra for love is also inexpensive and you can easily do it home. You will only have to hold good faith and shradha in the mantra. You must recite the mantra about 10,000 times in every seven days, and after the mantra will become powerful for pati vashkaran upay. You will then also see good changes in your relation with husband and he will feel more attracted to you. You will also start holding good control on your better half’s mind and feel the love coming back to you. The mantra for pati vashkaran upay goes this way,

“omm hrinn shrimm krimm thrimm thaaaah thaaaah aamukaamm maamm vaashaamm kromee”

You will have to recite this mantra regularly and as suggested. This is mantra is very powerful for even getting the love from your boyfriend or your ex-boyfriend. While you recite this mantra of pati vashkaran upay, you will have to keep the person in your mind and make use of the mantra with purest feelings. This will also help you to stop your love from falling into attraction with some other women. This pati vashkaran upay is the best method and the most famous for wives to control their husband. This eventually helps you to support a good and healthy relationship with your husband, right the way you want it.

You can also look for pati vashikara totke as a measure of pati vashkaran upayEven the totke works as a magic and wonder in strengthening the love bind between the husband and wife. You have to stay fully dedicated and purely in love with your husband and only then, pati vashkaran upay works. Even if you visit an astrologer, make sure you visit a professional and experienced astrologer for pati vashkaran upay, in this field.

Pati ko vashikaran ke totke

Totke is the powerful use of magical spells of love for pati vashkaran upayWhen you see, your husband is going away from you and there is no other way to have him back, you can follow pati vashkaran upayMany women are using pati ko vashikaran ke totke to control her husband’s mind and body. One of the very powerful totke for pati vashkaran upay is:

Wait till Friday. On Friday, first offer your love prayers to Shree Krishna. Make sure, you do it with pure heart and dedicate your prayers for your husband. After that, when your husband goes to sleep at night, take 3 cardamoms and rub that on your body. After you have done this, put those cardamoms closer to your husband’s body and sleep.

When you wake in the next morning, take those cardamoms and put them in the tea or food of your husband. only your husband should consume those cardamoms. In about 2-3 weeks duration, you will eventually see that your husband has started to follow your commands. This is a very powerful spell of pati vashkaran upayThis is one remedy from the Lal kitaab, for pati ko vashikaran ke totke.

Pati ko vash me karne ke upay

Pati vashkaran upay is gaining popularity in today’s world. This is working wonders and women are constantly looking for Pati ko vash me karne ke upayThese are simple and effective tips that you can do at home. One more effective pati vashkaran upay states:

You will need 3 ingredients

  • one small bottle of honey
  • a red pen
  • one birch bark

Take the red pen and write the name of your husband on the birch bark. Now you have to recite this mantra, “Omm Shree Haanumaatein Naamaahh” for over 21 times. After this, you have to blow that birch bark and after that, keep the pieces of the bark in the honey bottle. After you do that, put the lid on the honey bottle and keep the bottle aside in a secured place. This is a secure pati vashkaran upay and very easy to do.

One more pati vashkaran upay that you can do as Pati ko vash me karne ke upay is:

Wait for the shukla paksh Sunday. On that Sunday, take 5 cloves and put them on your body part where you sweat a lot. After doing that, take those cloves and put them under sun. After they are fully dried from the sunlight, make a paste of those cloves. Later, mix that clove paste in your husband’s tea of food, so that, he consumes the clove paste. Once you do this, your husband will start getting attracted towards you. This Pati ko vash me karne ke upay is fetching commendable results. Women who are looking for pati vashkaran upay can easily do this. These are some of the pati vashkaran upay which can really strengthen the between husband and wife.

Reverse Black Magic Kali Mantra

Reverse Black Magic Kali Mantra

Reverse Black Magic Kali Mantra, Black magic the word itself so scary, this is done on the people to spoil their lives. If somebody is jealous on you and your growth in profession they cannot tolerate it. So they will do black magic on you to spoil your present and future. Even if your enemies or relatives want to defeat you indirectly they will do black magic on you. reverse black magic spells is the spells which have power to reverse the black magic powers that is done on you to the magician or the people who done it on you. People believe that once the black magic is done it is very difficult -and easily come out the black magic.


Reverse black magic love spell- often we hear that people will do black magic to make others to love them. If anybody is done black magic on you for the purpose of loving them surely you’ll get addicted to them. You start having feelings on them in your heart and you’ll easily start showing love and affection on that particular person. This not a good thing because love is most pure thing you must win the heart of person through your true love and affection not by applying the black magic on the people to make them love you.

If you think that somebody has done black magic on you to love them. Easily break the black magic by using the reverse black magic love spell. These are very powerful spells; use these spells to come out the black magic done on you. Once if you start using these spells soon you’ll see the changes within you. You’ll start hating the person who did black magic on you. Finally you’ll start leading your life happily when you break the black magic that is done to you.

Reverse black magic spells and the mantra shakti are one and the same both have similar powers to reverse the black magic. Easily break the black magic and other evil things done to by using these powerful and popular reverse black magic spells. There are many powerful and popular mantras to reverse this back magic. Consult powerful tantric to get the powerful reverse black magic spells. The tantric will suggest you the powerful spells to break the black magic. Follow each and every instruction given by the tantric carefully to get release from the black magic. The tantric will explain the use and importance of mantra, easily break the black magic by using the mantras.

Reverse Black Magic Kali Mantra

There are many different ways to remove the black magic from life. All the methods are equally powerful and popular. Reversing the black magic using the coconut is one of the popular methods. Here the steps to reverse the black magic using the coconut. Coconut attracts the positive energy as well as the negative waves. Raja-Tama predominant waves are drawn in the coconut in very short time, because of the inherent sattvikta or purity of the coconut it is disintegrated more in the coconut. Coconut cast the evil-eyes most powerfully when compared to the other particles used for these types of purposes. Hence it is considered that coconut can effectively remove the black magic from the subtle-body. the evil energy is easily casted through coconut.

The individual who is affected by the black magic must pay the obeisance to the Maruti and offer prayer “O Maruti destroy all the distressing vibrations within me into this coconut here you must pronounce your name. Pray to the god to creative the protective shield around you always with his blessings.

You must completely peal the coconut by leaving the tuft. Hold the coconut in your hand and stand in front of the afflicted individual who is affected by the black magic. The tuft of the coconut must face the affected individual. Move the coconut three times on the clock wise direction from feet to head. While doing this hold the tuft of the coconut facing the individual. Finally throw the coconut. Easily reverse the black magic by following these instructions.

Kali mantra to reverse black magic- shabar mantra is kali is one of the most powerful goddess worshiped in Hindu religion. Maa Kali is mostly worshiped by the tantric to achieve the siddhi. Kali shabar mantra forms are a part of prayers offered to the goddess kali. To get married, to get job, to reduce obstacles in the life, to get success in the business etc. even people worship kali to get protection from the evil eyes. People worship Maa kali to get rid of the black magic done to them. Maa Kali is the most powerful goddess and with her blessing you can easily come out of any type of powerful black magic in your life. The ultimate powers of maa Kali is undefinable.

Kali mantra to reverse black magic- this is the very powerful mantra once if you start using this mantra you’ll start noticing the results very soon. You can get very powerful protective shield under the Maa Kali’s shelter. No black magic or any evil eyes cannot affect you once you get her ultimate blessings.

 “KAAAli om om AAAim hrim klim klim cAAAmundAAAyAAAi klim klim SwAAAAAAhAAAAAA”

This is the most powerful Maa kali shabar mantra and this is used for protecting yourself from the evil eyes and other black magic effects. anyone can use this powerful mantra to get the protection from the evil energies and black magic. When you use this mantra you’ll totally feel very protective under the shelter of mother Kali. This mantra blesses you with the prosperity, daringness, positive energy; good health and wealth etc. chant this mantra every day to block the negative energy from your life.

 “”Kreem klim cAAAmundAAAyAAAi Hoom Hreem cAAAmundAAAyAAAi KAAAAAAlike Kreem Kreem Hoom Hreem SwAAAAAAhAAAAAA”

This is another shabar mantra of maa kali. Chant this mantra to get success in everything such as your profession, business and other things. This mantra will help you to attain all types of siddhi.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Prem Prapti Ke Upay, First of all love may be the strongest power in this world. Probably even Wachowskis brothers will agree with you in this case. Most noteworthy thing is people always searching a way to find love. Sometimes you may look for your long-lost love. May be you are searching a new fairy tale but funny thing is according to Gita love is just another emotional situation.


Still you will fall in love and that is inevitable. Gita defines the worldly pleasures as the circle of illusion and very few people has broken the same to see the illuminative power of final knowledge. Well, those people are no longer simple like you. All ancient culture including your Vedic culture defines them as Yogis or saints.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

But the problem is you are still searching a suitable love story. Of course you are ready to go any extent. Probably you can even try some hymns from the ancient books like Athrava Veda or Lal Kitab. May be you have already taken the help of astrological experts. Of course you can try spells or meditation.

But the most noteworthy thing is to know those spells and their working principle well. It is the lack of knowledge which makes the spells worse. First of all you should select your mantras wisely. Think what you want from these so called love spells? Probably you want peace and harmony in relationship.

You may be searching new love. Well try some seed mantras first. The power of seed mantras come from the single magical word in it. You need strong attention and patience for the same because you cannot reach siddh in the mantras on a single day. Furthermore you have to follow the rituals strictly. Try Kleem mantra first.

The seed word Kleem defines god Krishna who is another avatar of the prime god Vishnu. Most noteworthy thing is as Krishna avatar the god is a charmer and plays with lots of girls including his love Radha. Therefore reciting this seed mantra can give you the power of beauty, charm and illusion. Recite the same mantra every day for 108 times in your worship room. The meditative power of the mantra works slowly but effectively.

Another way to attract cupid in your life according to Vedic culture is Shrim mantra meditation. Most noteworthy thing is the seed word Shrim awakens the power of goddess Laxmi and god Some Dev. Especially relevant thing is that Some is the lord of moon and Laxmi defines the power of beauty, grace, peace and wealth. Furthermore the word wealth is significant here because it includes all the emotional and earthly pleasure. Most noteworthy thing is starting your meditation on a full moon or Thursday.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Try the same on the evening while worshipping both the god and goddess with lotus, holy water, incense and sweets. Finally chant the mantra for 1000 times daily. You can try another way like saving the blessed lotuses from worship alter in your bedroom to bring the spark back.

Sometimes your frustration and sadness removes the opportunities from your life. Therefore try to invoke your inner power with the Hum seed mantra which defines the primal god Shiva. Do the same recitation facing south for 108 times while offering holy water and wood apple leaf to the god.

Another helping hand is goddess Kali seed mantra. Try Hrim mantra to invoke the power of fire, lust and passion inside while worshipping Maha Kali. Furthermore get the blessings of this darkest power while offering her china roses and light of earthen Ghee lamp. Try the same after midnight on a new moon to get better result.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

God Shiva and Goddess Kali can give you protection also. Therefore the Hum and Hrim mantra can save you from your enemies and evil eyes. Another important spell is Kamdev mantra. Demigod Kamdev is the Vedic lord of love, lust and passion. Therefore meditating with the same can make you a charmer from mind to soul. Furthermore the same mantra has usage in Vashikaran spells which can give you both control and charm.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

You can try daily meditation while offering the god lotus, mango or Asoka flowers. Another way is chanting some charm object like salt, water, areca nut or sweetmeat to use the same as Vashikaran objects. Finally offer the same to your beloved to get the person all over.

There are local Vashikaran spells to get love in life. Furthermore some Vashikaran spells is effective without any mantra. In this case charmed objects can help you. Try ash Vashikaran or Tilak Vashikaran for the same. Furthermore for the first one collect some ash from burial ground on Saturday and mix the same with your nail dust to make potion.

Finally add the same in the food/drinks of your beloved to bring him/her in life.  Most noteworthy thing about the second potion is to mix burned black turmeric dust in red vermillion for Tilak. Finally wear the same in the middle of your forehead and meet the eyes of your beloved. You can see the result practically.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Finally you can try Durga Saptsati on Friday for at least 108 times to solve martial issues like delay, arguments etc. Another way is to try Ganesh mantra because the god is ultimate power to reach Siddh. Therefore his blessings can give you success anywhere in life. Consequently, business men and jobholders keep Ganesh statue in their office for success.

According to Lal Kitab try full moon dating and greencolored accessories for success in catching cupid’s arrow. You can try some herb and candle magic also. Burning Rosemary oil on a full moon while lighting red candles in bed room can bring you passionate love. Try to bathe in Bay dust mixed water to invoke sparks of love.

Eat food while mixing Cardamom, cinnamon in the same to increase closeness. Try to wear charm made of Hazel wood and Jasmine to bring intimacy. Finally your need and will power may bring anything you want.

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran

Kamiya sindoor vashikaran is the ancient art of Vashikaran practiced in Indian sub-continent. Kamakhya Devi Mandir in north-east Indian state Assam is the hub of tantra maha vidya practice. It is the centre of tantra kriya in India. Kamiya sindoor is found in Kamrup Kamakhya. It is believed that Mata Kamakhya under goes menstruation every year in the month of July and this holy period is known as Ambuvachi in India. The red vermillion collected from the menstruation release of Mata Kamakhya is distributed as kamiya sindoor. This kamiya sindoor is used to bring people under spell. Powerful spells of attraction are casted by this kamiya sindoor. This powerful vermillion is the gift from the supreme lord of vashikaran.

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran

Tantrik use sindoor vashikaran mantra/yantra to bring any person under control. They can do it for any person you desire. Read the mantra mentioned below:

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु का सिद्ध माला स्तम्भनी मोहिनी वशीकरणी

आमुक मोहिनी ममवशय करि करि ईच्छित कार्य पूर्ति कुरु स्वाहा: ॥

Mata Kamrup Kamakhya will shower her blessings on you. Kamrup Kamakhya became one of the most important Pith, since Mata Sati’s Yoni is believed to fall here. Thus, this place has become a hub of tantra kriya for tantrik samudaay. Kamiya sindoor is used to perform vashikaran tantra kriya on any person. People from around the world come to this place to collect kamiya sindoor and get vashikaran services from many local tantrik.

You can avail the same powerful service from us. Contact us to avail kamiya sindoor and kamiya sindoor vashikaran kriya on your desired person. You can get this vashikaran kriya performed on:

  1. Husband
  2. Wife
  3. In-laws
  4. Family members
  5. Siblings
  6. Parents
  7. Enemies
  8. Anyone you desire

Read the Kamakhya Beej Mantra to bring anybody under your control. Use kamiya sindoor as per instructions, while reading this powerful beej mantra. You can bring your lover or spouse with this mantra. You can bring your ex lover back by this mantra prayog. People save their marriage with this mantra and kamiya sindoor.


क्लीं क्लीं कामाख्या क्लीं क्लीं नमः |

Kleem Kleem Kaamaakhyaa Kleem Kleem namah |

This powerful mantra will please the Goddess of Vashikaran and shower her blessings on you. The Goddess will bless you with your desired person’s attraction. You will gain control over the one you wish. You have to use the kamiya sindoor ke totke to use kamiya sindoor at home. You can solve all your earthly problems with the vashikaran totke. Chant the following vashikaran mantra, while you hold kamiya sindoor in your right palm. Put the sindoor on the person’s forehead who you want to bring under your vash. This will make him obey all your instructions.

“Om namo kamakshi devi aamuki me vansham kuru kuru swaha |”

The power of Kamakhya Devi Mantra will bring your lost love to you. The person who has left you will come back to you. This mantra is effective in saving marriages from divorce. If spouse is demanding divorce from you, the marriage can be saved from the verge of divorce by this powerful mantra.

Read the mantra here:

“Kamakhy Varade Devi Nilparvatvasini,

Twam Devi Jagatam Mataryonimudre Namostute |”

Kamiya sindoor needs to be used to bring someone under your vash. This is best ever and most powerful vashikaran prakriya. You can bring your desired person under your vash by this mantra.

“Kamakhye kaam sampane kamesvari hari priye,

Kaamnaam dehi me nityem kaamesvari namostute|”

Get the most authentic kamiya sindoor from us. Our services include best and quick vashikaran for you with kamakhya vashikaran tantra. You can get this sindoor at many other websites. None of them guarantees the authenticity of the sindoor. We derive real red vermillion from Kamrup Kamakhya after Ambuvachi. This authentic sindoor has the most powerful results.

Steps of kamiya sindoor benefits/prayog:

  1. Wear clean clothes while you chant the vashikaran mantra with the kamiya sindoor.
  2. Bring an image of Kamrup Kamakhya at home. Place it in the south east corner of your house, on a peera.
  3. Offer flowers and Prasad to the Goddess.
  4. Lit candle, earthen light lamp/diya and incense sticks and keep them at your left side.
  5. Apply kamiya sindoor on your forehead.
  6. Read the kamakhya vashikaran mantra for 108 times to siddh the mantra.
  7. This magical chant will bring your desired person to you.

Kamiya sindoor helps you in repairing your relationship with your family. This magical tantra vashikaran is for you to keep your husband or lover under your spell. Your love relationships will improve with the effects of this mantra. You will gain control over your spouse. You can bring your lover under your control. This vashikaran prakriya is effective in rejuvenating lost love relationships. Hundreds of people avail this service to reconcile their married life.

This mantra vashikaran has the powers to save your relationship. You can use this mantra to change the mind of your husband/wife, if he/she is asking for a divorce. This vashikaran in India is popularly known as Love Vashikaran. This strengthens your relationship with your partner. You two fall in love with each other and with a commitment to be with each other till the end of your life.

Call us to know more about the kamiya sindoor vashikaran totke. Use these powerful mantra and totke to eradicate all your family disputes. Live a lovely and healthy life with your spouse. The kamiya sindoor will reach you from us with sets of instructions and guidance.