Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke

Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke

Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke, It’s the dream or wish of every person that his or her life should grow with leaps and bounds. The most important part of living is health, wealth and Peace. The more you have peace the happier you will be. Sometimes it is seen that no matter how good a person is yet he is victimised of some black magic or negative spell by the person who is either jealous of him or doesn’t feel good by his success.

Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke
Laung Vashikaran Mantra Totke

The person tries everything that comes to its wisdom but the problem ceases to end. In that case the person can use Vashikaran technique to remove the problems coming in the way to the success of the business. Vashikaran is the most successful and effective way to attract not only people but also the things at large. With the help of vashikaran you can create such energies or vibrations around you that can protect you from people’s evil eye and negative Vashikaran also helps to restore the relationship and strengthens the relationship with the family and friends.

The effect of vashikaran is such that whoever a person comes in contact with you for receives a good impression about you and is influenced by you to make decisions in your favor. There are many ways that you can perform vashikaran on anyone You make use of things like the things that are in common use in our daily life. Things like green cardamom, cloves, turmeric, salt coconut etc. Among all these items I am going to discuss precisely about Loung (Cloves) that you can use as vashikaran totkey.

There are many vashikaran properties in loung. If any vashikaran is performed using loung then you can get very good results which are effective in nature. However, the person should be well aware of the ways to use it. This is especially useful for the people who are fed up with their wife and want to harmonise their relationship with them. But if a married person is using it to attract any otherwomen in his life then it will cause lots of harm to them.

Laung vashikaran mantra

As we talked about the potential properties of loung used for vashikaran techniques, lets also discuss about the very famous “Shabar Vashikaran mantra” which is use to do vashikaran by loung.

“aaum Jaal keeeeeeee yoogini, Paaaatirul kaaaa naaaam

Jispeeeey Bheeeejun, Tispeeeey laag

Sooteeeey such naaaa baaitheeeey such

Fir fir deeeekheeeey humaaraa much

Meeeeri baandheeeeeeee joo chooooteeeey

Too baabaa Naahaarsingh keeeeeeee jaataa chooooteeeey”


Now take four pieces of cloves and rub it on any leaf. Then place it in between or behind your teethand dip into any water body such as pond, river or lake. Chant this mantra for seven or more than seven times as per your capacity. After taking it out from the water place these loung carefully down and worship it with incense sticks and dhoop. Once the worship has been done give them to the desired person to eat and that’s how you will make that person yours forever.

laung ke upyog/upay/benefits

If you are deeply in love with someone and the person goes away leaving you behind. This departure is making you depressed then you can use the effective totka using loung. The benefit of this upay is that you can influence the mind of any person inside or outside the family like: son, daughter, lover, brother or any relative. If you want to get rid of any relative who is constantly creating problems in your life,then the vashikaran by loung can give you good results in sending those relatives out of your life.

It can also help you getting job and can give you miraculous results in your professional life.  In the Shukla paksh choose any Sunday and take 4 loungs and touch it on that part of your body where you sweat the most, then make a powder of it mix it with tea or any drink and offer to the person whom you want to cast the vashikaran spell. You will quickly get to see the results.

The other benefits of usage of loung are the following:

  1. It helps in curing toothache, use the loung oil with the help of cotton and apply on the area where it is paining.
  1. If you are having ear pain, then soak some oil in the cotton and put few drops inside the ear the pain will get subsided
  2. If you are having pimples on your face, then mix mulatni mitti with aloe vara gel and loung tel and apply it on your face you will certainly see the difference.
  3. If you are feeling very tired, then take few drops of loung tel and mix it with olive oil and apply it on your forehead you will feel very relaxed and the headache will disappear in no time.
  4. If you are suffering from cold and cough, then on a sugar sweet put one drop of loung tel and eat it
  5. If your stomach is upset then mix few drops of clove oil with warm water and keep sipping it. The pain will subside.
  6. For pregnant ladies if they are suffering from giddiness then put few drops of loung tel on the handkerchief and keep smelling it. It will make the person feel lighter
  7. Any skin related problems can be cure by Loung tel
  8. It is also effective for frequent hiccups. For that mix one drop of loung tel in water and drink it.

Laung se pati ka vashikaran

If there is a difference of opinion between a husband and a wife, then on a Saturday midnight take 7 pieces of loung and take the name of your husband and blow air over it for almost 21 times and next Sunday morning burn it in the fire. Keep doing it for seven days. This method can be used on anyone whom you want to do the vashikaran.

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