Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay, Today, we see a lot of married relationships which are not healthy and strong. We see so many wives who are not happy with the behaviour of their husband towards them. There are women who are ready to anything for bringing their marriage back on track. They are also ready to do anything for controlling their partner and getting their love. Since pati vashkaran upay is not easily adopted, women force themselves to use these tips, to get their husband’s respect. When you are constantly facing troubles in your marriage, it is better to take the problem out of roots. Pati vashkaran upay can favorably help you to solve the love problems with your life partner.


Pati vashkaran upay is also used by women who want to control and rule their husband. They want to hold the grip on their husband’s mind and solve the problems quickly. You must do pati vashkaran upay with mantras and totke, which are beneficial. You have to devote yourself completely to the procedure of pati vashkaran upay and only then, you will be successful in this. There are so many effective tips that can help you in this. Look at the following:

Pati Ka Vashikaran Karne Ke Upay

This is in use from long time back. Women who see no other way to get the love of their husband, start using the vashikaran mantra for love. Using Pati vashikaran mantra for love is also inexpensive and you can easily do it home. You will only have to hold good faith and shradha in the mantra. You must recite the mantra about 10,000 times in every seven days, and after the mantra will become powerful for pati vashkaran upay. You will then also see good changes in your relation with husband and he will feel more attracted to you. You will also start holding good control on your better half’s mind and feel the love coming back to you. The mantra for pati vashkaran upay goes this way,

“omm hrinn shrimm krimm thrimm thaaaah thaaaah aamukaamm maamm vaashaamm kromee”

You will have to recite this mantra regularly and as suggested. This is mantra is very powerful for even getting the love from your boyfriend or your ex-boyfriend. While you recite this mantra of pati vashkaran upay, you will have to keep the person in your mind and make use of the mantra with purest feelings. This will also help you to stop your love from falling into attraction with some other women. This pati vashkaran upay is the best method and the most famous for wives to control their husband. This eventually helps you to support a good and healthy relationship with your husband, right the way you want it.

You can also look for pati vashikara totke as a measure of pati vashkaran upayEven the totke works as a magic and wonder in strengthening the love bind between the husband and wife. You have to stay fully dedicated and purely in love with your husband and only then, pati vashkaran upay works. Even if you visit an astrologer, make sure you visit a professional and experienced astrologer for pati vashkaran upay, in this field.

Pati ko vashikaran ke totke

Totke is the powerful use of magical spells of love for pati vashkaran upayWhen you see, your husband is going away from you and there is no other way to have him back, you can follow pati vashkaran upayMany women are using pati ko vashikaran ke totke to control her husband’s mind and body. One of the very powerful totke for pati vashkaran upay is:

Wait till Friday. On Friday, first offer your love prayers to Shree Krishna. Make sure, you do it with pure heart and dedicate your prayers for your husband. After that, when your husband goes to sleep at night, take 3 cardamoms and rub that on your body. After you have done this, put those cardamoms closer to your husband’s body and sleep.

When you wake in the next morning, take those cardamoms and put them in the tea or food of your husband. only your husband should consume those cardamoms. In about 2-3 weeks duration, you will eventually see that your husband has started to follow your commands. This is a very powerful spell of pati vashkaran upayThis is one remedy from the Lal kitaab, for pati ko vashikaran ke totke.

Pati ko vash me karne ke upay

Pati vashkaran upay is gaining popularity in today’s world. This is working wonders and women are constantly looking for Pati ko vash me karne ke upayThese are simple and effective tips that you can do at home. One more effective pati vashkaran upay states:

You will need 3 ingredients

  • one small bottle of honey
  • a red pen
  • one birch bark

Take the red pen and write the name of your husband on the birch bark. Now you have to recite this mantra, “Omm Shree Haanumaatein Naamaahh” for over 21 times. After this, you have to blow that birch bark and after that, keep the pieces of the bark in the honey bottle. After you do that, put the lid on the honey bottle and keep the bottle aside in a secured place. This is a secure pati vashkaran upay and very easy to do.

One more pati vashkaran upay that you can do as Pati ko vash me karne ke upay is:

Wait for the shukla paksh Sunday. On that Sunday, take 5 cloves and put them on your body part where you sweat a lot. After doing that, take those cloves and put them under sun. After they are fully dried from the sunlight, make a paste of those cloves. Later, mix that clove paste in your husband’s tea of food, so that, he consumes the clove paste. Once you do this, your husband will start getting attracted towards you. This Pati ko vash me karne ke upay is fetching commendable results. Women who are looking for pati vashkaran upay can easily do this. These are some of the pati vashkaran upay which can really strengthen the between husband and wife.

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