Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Prem Prapti Ke Upay, First of all love may be the strongest power in this world. Probably even Wachowskis brothers will agree with you in this case. Most noteworthy thing is people always searching a way to find love. Sometimes you may look for your long-lost love. May be you are searching a new fairy tale but funny thing is according to Gita love is just another emotional situation.


Still you will fall in love and that is inevitable. Gita defines the worldly pleasures as the circle of illusion and very few people has broken the same to see the illuminative power of final knowledge. Well, those people are no longer simple like you. All ancient culture including your Vedic culture defines them as Yogis or saints.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

But the problem is you are still searching a suitable love story. Of course you are ready to go any extent. Probably you can even try some hymns from the ancient books like Athrava Veda or Lal Kitab. May be you have already taken the help of astrological experts. Of course you can try spells or meditation.

But the most noteworthy thing is to know those spells and their working principle well. It is the lack of knowledge which makes the spells worse. First of all you should select your mantras wisely. Think what you want from these so called love spells? Probably you want peace and harmony in relationship.

You may be searching new love. Well try some seed mantras first. The power of seed mantras come from the single magical word in it. You need strong attention and patience for the same because you cannot reach siddh in the mantras on a single day. Furthermore you have to follow the rituals strictly. Try Kleem mantra first.

The seed word Kleem defines god Krishna who is another avatar of the prime god Vishnu. Most noteworthy thing is as Krishna avatar the god is a charmer and plays with lots of girls including his love Radha. Therefore reciting this seed mantra can give you the power of beauty, charm and illusion. Recite the same mantra every day for 108 times in your worship room. The meditative power of the mantra works slowly but effectively.

Another way to attract cupid in your life according to Vedic culture is Shrim mantra meditation. Most noteworthy thing is the seed word Shrim awakens the power of goddess Laxmi and god Some Dev. Especially relevant thing is that Some is the lord of moon and Laxmi defines the power of beauty, grace, peace and wealth. Furthermore the word wealth is significant here because it includes all the emotional and earthly pleasure. Most noteworthy thing is starting your meditation on a full moon or Thursday.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Try the same on the evening while worshipping both the god and goddess with lotus, holy water, incense and sweets. Finally chant the mantra for 1000 times daily. You can try another way like saving the blessed lotuses from worship alter in your bedroom to bring the spark back.

Sometimes your frustration and sadness removes the opportunities from your life. Therefore try to invoke your inner power with the Hum seed mantra which defines the primal god Shiva. Do the same recitation facing south for 108 times while offering holy water and wood apple leaf to the god.

Another helping hand is goddess Kali seed mantra. Try Hrim mantra to invoke the power of fire, lust and passion inside while worshipping Maha Kali. Furthermore get the blessings of this darkest power while offering her china roses and light of earthen Ghee lamp. Try the same after midnight on a new moon to get better result.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

God Shiva and Goddess Kali can give you protection also. Therefore the Hum and Hrim mantra can save you from your enemies and evil eyes. Another important spell is Kamdev mantra. Demigod Kamdev is the Vedic lord of love, lust and passion. Therefore meditating with the same can make you a charmer from mind to soul. Furthermore the same mantra has usage in Vashikaran spells which can give you both control and charm.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

You can try daily meditation while offering the god lotus, mango or Asoka flowers. Another way is chanting some charm object like salt, water, areca nut or sweetmeat to use the same as Vashikaran objects. Finally offer the same to your beloved to get the person all over.

There are local Vashikaran spells to get love in life. Furthermore some Vashikaran spells is effective without any mantra. In this case charmed objects can help you. Try ash Vashikaran or Tilak Vashikaran for the same. Furthermore for the first one collect some ash from burial ground on Saturday and mix the same with your nail dust to make potion.

Finally add the same in the food/drinks of your beloved to bring him/her in life.  Most noteworthy thing about the second potion is to mix burned black turmeric dust in red vermillion for Tilak. Finally wear the same in the middle of your forehead and meet the eyes of your beloved. You can see the result practically.

Prem Prapti Ke Upay

Finally you can try Durga Saptsati on Friday for at least 108 times to solve martial issues like delay, arguments etc. Another way is to try Ganesh mantra because the god is ultimate power to reach Siddh. Therefore his blessings can give you success anywhere in life. Consequently, business men and jobholders keep Ganesh statue in their office for success.

According to Lal Kitab try full moon dating and greencolored accessories for success in catching cupid’s arrow. You can try some herb and candle magic also. Burning Rosemary oil on a full moon while lighting red candles in bed room can bring you passionate love. Try to bathe in Bay dust mixed water to invoke sparks of love.

Eat food while mixing Cardamom, cinnamon in the same to increase closeness. Try to wear charm made of Hazel wood and Jasmine to bring intimacy. Finally your need and will power may bring anything you want.

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